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Our Vineyards

Our vineyards are situated in an area with a prevalence of clay and limestone.

Wines produced from this type of soil are known for their marked acidity and good colouring.

Our vineyards face the south-east, so the vines are exposed to the sun for about two-thirds of the day; this is ideal, because the warmth works gradually, meaning the grapes don’t get overheated. It also allows for the slow evaporation of the moisture that accumulates over the night, thus preventing the build-up of harmful fungi.

Our vine-growing techniques and the optimal exposure to the sun give the grapes a notable sweetness.

We are also introducing new cultivation methods, such as allowing some grass to grow and defoliating the vines.

This means we can keep the use of chemical treatments to a minimum, reducing environmental impact and allowing us to make the most of the sun.

We also look for new techniques in the winery, where we try to work in as natural a way as possible to ensure the characteristics of our wines are maintained. 

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